There are a lot of places to buy beer out there.  Not many have our selection, even fewer have our friendly, educated staff and fun atmosphere.  Nevertheless, we want to show our appreciation for our loyal customers and beer lovers with the HighCraft Beer Club.  Sign up here on the website – it’s free!

Special Access to Limited-Release Beers

Club members get the first shot to buy limited-release beers, and we distribute any super-rare beer we get to our Members via a lottery system.  This way you don’t have to leave work early and violate numerous traffic laws when that beer you’ve been waiting for all year hits the shelves!

Club Events

Throughout the year we have special events for our club members.  These could be rare beer tastings, release parties, member appreciation events, or holiday parties.


Club members get 15% off all HighCraft apparel and “beer gear”.


Receive our weekly newsletter with updates on events, sales, and new beers at the store.  We will also keep you current on important happenings in the craft beer community.

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