In October 2013 our politicians in Raleigh agreed that beer retailers were ready to use growlers again here in NC. So, you can now take up to 64 ounces of draft beer to go.  In addition to bottles and cans, we fill growlers from the taps and carry a selection of growlers filled by local breweries and cideries.  We are happy about the change and are glad to see another unnecessary alcohol law off the books!

What’s a growler, you say?

A growler is a container used to take draft beer from the bar or bottle shop to be drunk at home or elsewhere.  Growlers have been used in the U.S. since the late 1800s, when most beer was served on draft.  At that time the beer was carried in a galvanized steel pail with a lid.  It is said these became known as “growlers” due to the sound the carbonation made as it escaped through the lid of the pail.

Today, growlers are 32 or 64 oz. refillable and resealable containers.  These are filled at your local bottle shop, or filled at the brewery and distributed to bottle shops for resale.

Filling a growler

The beer in a growler is only as good as the shop filling it and you, the customer.  We keep the lines clean (our owner Matt cleans all the lines himself), the beer properly stored and cold, and use the most sanitary practices in filling your growler.  In addition, there are some things for you to do:

  1. Bring a clean growler: Some of you have a couple glass growlers, some of you have 50, and some of you have that “old faithful” stainless steel or ceramic growler with a koozie and a carrying strap.  In any case, don’t grab the one that’s been sitting on the floorboard of your car for three days!  If we aren’t too busy, we will be happy to clean your growler for you in a pinch, but bring it in clean to make sure you get a good, quick fill.
  2. Drink It!:  While there is much debate and many opinions on this, generally a growler filled from the taps will be at peak freshness for 7 days and a counter-pressure filled growler for a few weeks, assuming they are kept in the ‘fridge.  Regardless of how it was filled, once you open it the beer will only stay fresh for about 24 hours.    So when you fill that growler, remember to drink it!  If you let it sit too long, the full flavor and freshness of the beer that the brewery and bottle shop worked hard getting to you will be lost.

Other things to note: We have 32 0z. and 64 oz. HighCraft growlers available for purchase for $5.00.  But, we will fill any clean growler (see #1) you bring in.